Bless up, and welcome to JAHNO HERBS, a tea shop with culture Bless up, and welcome to JAHNO HERBS, a tea shop with culture

Health is Wealth

The Superfood and its Wonders

Imagine getting excited every time you’re about to drink or eat something, because you know it’s good for you. That’s how we feel about Jamaican Purple Sea Moss. The benefits of this superfood has been passed down through generations in Jamaica and as such, is highly revered by every man, woman and child.

Jamaican Purple Sea Moss by the sea in a calabash 

We know that the more colourful your food, the healthier it is for you.  That rich purple colour screams antioxidants as it cleans your blood by removing free radicals and decreasing oxidative stress.  Containing 92 minerals found in the body, Jamaican Purple Sea Moss in all its thickness and anti-inflammatory glory, soothes the mucus membranes while eliminating excess mucus from the body. It then goes to work:

  • Improving metabolism, digestion & weight loss
  • Reducing fungal & bacterial microorganisms
  • Promoting thyroid, heart & immune health
  • Reducing anxiety, frustration, depression
  • Increasing energy, stamina & libido
  • Supporting hair, skin & nails

Sea moss combined with fruit will give you the energy to kickstart your day as the vitamins and minerals course through your body. Start your week on a powerful note with our wildcrafted Jamaican Purple Sea Moss, fresh from the Caribbean Sea. 


Not a breakfast eater? No problem. The body gets its detox on between 7 & 11 am so let your fruits aid the process. Click the link in bio to continue your Health is Wealth journey.  Order your Jamaican Purple Sea Moss today.

Simple ingredients:

  • purple sea moss chia & flax ice cubes
  • mango
  • guava
  • mint