Bless up, and welcome to JAHNO HERBS, a tea shop with culture Bless up, and welcome to JAHNO HERBS, a tea shop with culture

Health is Wealth

Is Blue vervain the best of Earth's medicine?

We can’t go an hour without being bombarded with the news, conspiracy theories and social-media-PhD op.eds. about covid and how the vaxxed and unvaxxed will be the death of us all.  Block it out.  You are the authority on what’s best for you and what’s going on with your body.

As we thrive through this ever changing newness that is living in spite of the Pandemic, we are reminded that simplicity is what we need to survive. As a people, we Jamaicans learned the importance of utilizing the medicines that Mother Earth provides for us from our African ancestors.  The natural resources that grow around us serve to keep us physically and mentally healthy and we seek to share that knowledge with you.  In this case, water and plants. Individually and together, water and Jamaican Blue Vervain are important defenses against microorganisms that can disrupt our healthy biomes.  

Jamaican Blue Vervain is an excellent nervine to soothe the nervous system, inducing mental clarity and rest. It relieves pain; think headaches from sitting on Zoom all day, prevents and kills bacteria while reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract and throughout the body. This is an important weapon in our Health Is Wealth arsenal.  

For our women, blue vervain eases muscular spasms associated with womb health, stimulates the production of breastmilk and helps to prevent and relieve postpartum depression. For our men, this powerful herb also reduces prostate specific antigens.  You can’t go wrong with this super herb.

In between your tea times, keep yourself hydrated with water to flush impurities out of your system. A squeeze of lemon increases the alkalinity of your water which is excellent for immune support. Remember, impurities don’t do well in warm environments, so keeping your tea on hand to sip throughout your day is helpful for your respiratory health. 

Again, you are the authority and manager of your holistic health.  The fact that you are reading this post is an indication that you are on the path to beginning and, or maintaining daily practices for your optimal health and wellbeing.  Don’t forget to make your purchase to continue your journey today.

Blue Vervain benefits defined:

  • Analgesic - Relieves pain
  • Antidepressant - Induces calm & reduces anxiety, frustration, depression
  • Anti-inflammatory - Reduces inflammation throughout the body 
  • Antimicrobial - Prevents and kills fungal/bacterial microorganisms
  • Antioxidant - Removes free radicals and decreases cell oxidation)
  • Antispasmodic - Eases muscular spasms, cramps & convulsions