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How to make

How to make: Jamaican Purple Sea Moss Gel

Raw Purple Sea Moss Gel instructions (Yields 8-9 FL OZ. Purple sea moss gel)

  1. Take 1 oz dry Jamaican Purple Sea Moss and rinse thoroughly in fresh water
  2. Soak for 1 hour in fresh spring water to rehydrate, then cover,  it will swell and triple its weight
  3. Add rehydrated sea moss to your high speed blender, add 6 fl oz of fresh spring water
  4. Blend until completely smooth, 1 minute cycles on high speed works
  5. Pour into container, let cool at room temperature, then refrigerate, it will thicken as it cools use up the refrigerated gel within 3 weeks, store the remaining dry moss in a cool dry place away from humidity, up to 1 year.

Eat 2 teaspoons daily or add to your shakes for great nutrition. 


 Benefits of Jamaican Purple Sea Moss

  • Boosts your body with new energy.
  • Supports in developing immunity against colds and flu.
  • Removes mucus and toxins out of the body
  • Helps balance thyroid hormones.
  • Can improve moodiness, agitation, depression and anxiety disorders
  • Contains anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties