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Adventures of being Home

Spent the day with Family

Family is everything to me and today I had a full serving of sister and mama love.  

My Sis, excited about lunch Jackfruit Fruits man in Portmore, St. Catherine

Healthy eatings is one of our love languages, fruits, veggies, and just all natural blessings from the earth.  "Today we chill out", talked, laughed about silly stuff, planned for future investments, discuss philosophies of our purpose and big dream goals.  You know, the everyday things families discuss, we did it today and it was therapeutic.   

Later that day it was shopping with Mom, which was fun because it brought back childhood memories of us going to the store, my dad would find a bench to chill somewhere,  my brother, my sister and I would go up and down every isle following my Mom.  My Mom always looking good in a summer dress!

Live life, build good memories, so that the days you feel down, good memories can lift you up.

oh yeah, we did some work too...Restocked .. Jamaican Dog Blood, Jamaican Guaco, Jamaican Blue Vervain and Jamaican Sour Sop leaves loading...