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It Never Gets Old - Jamaican DogBlood Bush Testimonial

It Never Gets Old - Jamaican DogBlood Bush Testimonial

Witnessing someone’s life change, never gets old. Knowing it will only get better is also priceless. That’s the feeling we get after every Jamaican Dogblood testimonial. To hear someone excitedly share how their flow went from ten days to four, after the first use of dogblood… chef’s kiss.  

Seeing them recognise and appreciate, in real time, the healing properties of the herb because it happened to them, is a gift I wish on everyone.  Jamaican Dogblood Bush has been healing men and women in Jamaica "From mi granny eye deh'a har knee!” That saying means, something has  been happening for so long it cannot be traced to a specific time.  

It’s a privilege to come from a people whose oral histories and cultural remedies have kept us alive and well for centuries. There is power and healing in the plants. Every Jamaican knows this as we live by the saying, “Believe in Yourself the Way Jamaicans believe in Tea.”

Trust and believe that Jamaican Dogblood Bush can restore and maintain your womb and prostate health. Also known as inflammation weed, it removes any inflammation, overgrowth, and blockages it finds and flushes it from the body. It is truly a life changer. Sip With Us to better health. 🙏🏾🌱☕️