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Benefits of this Herb

Benefits of a Natural Detox with Cerasee Bitters

Benefits of a Natural Detox with Cerasee Bitters

Drinking tea an hour or so after lunch to help move the food along is a good practice. It is important to wait so that you do not interfere with the body’s absorption of the nutrients and minerals contained in your meal.

Cerasee tea, aka bitter melon is revered by all Jamaican Grandmas, near and far. I have yet to meet a Jamaican who has not been summoned for a “wash out” with Cerassee. A "wash out" is how we use herbs to rid the body of impurities.

Benefits of Jamaican Cerasee Bitters Cerasee Bitters Benefits
Fiber rich, bitter herbs produce stomach acid which aid digestion, bloating and gas. Cerassee tea’s antioxidant properties purify the blood which then purge the skin of acne and other skin conditions. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial makeup, this Jamaican cure-all also treats diabetes, high blood pressure, colds, constipation and upset stomachs. An excellent tea for detox, the phosphorus in Cerasee serves as a pain reliever, energy giver and kidney filter.

Heal thyself. Incorporate bitter herbs into your tea routine today. 






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