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Benefits of this Herb

Benefits of Jamaican Chaney Root

Benefits of Jamaican Chaney Root

Jamaican Chaney Root 4 oz, Cocolmeca, Smilax Balbisiana. Another amazing gift from the rich hills of Jamaica. This root is often used in natural tonics to fight against impotency, or low sex drive, it cleanses the blood, helps with rheumatism and arthritis, to list a few.

Chaney Root is packed with iron and helps to renew the body while enabling excellent physical strength.

Benefits include:

• Men looking to boost their sex drive and stamina
• cleansing the blood
• skin conditions and fatigue
• Iron and promotes excellent physical strength
• rheumatism and arthritis


Dec 06, 2022

Hello jahno herbs. I would like to know when will u have this wonderful root bck in stock

Oct 27, 2022

What is good for older women sex drive?

Oct 23, 2022

Can you let me know when Chaney Root is back in stock.

Apr 29, 2022

I’m very much interested in this root, to cleans my blood, and arthritis in my joints, knees, back. I WOULD LIKE MORE ENERGY AS WELL ON MY FEET A LOT,AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT IT . MORE BENEFITS.

T'AUNDRA Smith Ward
Feb 14, 2022

Can you let me know when this is in stock ?

Isaac silva
Feb 14, 2022

I will like to get some and give some to my Friends, when can i order some

Gerald Farrell

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