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Benefits of this Herb

Benefits of Guinea Hen Weed, Anamu Tea

Benefits of Guinea Hen Weed, Anamu Tea

Our Wild-harvested Jamaican Guinea Hen Weed, Petiveria alliacea, Anamu Tea has always been used in Jamaica for generations for her magical properties to rid the body of impurities and boost the immune system.  

Benefits include:

  • Big boosts to the immune system
  • Effective against harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, cancers in the body
  • Very rich in antioxidants
  • Personal reports of very positive and effective in the treatment of cancer, as two of the phytochemical compounds in the plant are believed to destroy cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed
  • Safe for small and big pets 


It is hard to mention the benefits of Guinea Hen Weed without mentioning the multiple people who have purchased it for the sole purpose of helping them combat the cancers in their body.  We have customers who purchase by the pound to ensure a daily supply in their tea cups, and the reported results are nothing short of life changing.

Anamu Tea, guinea hen weed

We sell the raw loose leaves and the Vegan Capsules are coming very soon.

    Jamaican Guinea Hen Weed (Wildcrafted) Anamu Tea 4oz

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